21 Okt 2007

Learning English

A couple weeks ago I have taken final test for English course in level 7. On November 4, new term will begin. I haven’t seen the test result yet, but I hope I passed it. If I did, I will continue to level 8, the last level in English course.

Here, my company provides English class for its employees to enhance their English skill. This skill was very important because there were many expatriates worked for the company. Even though only a few expatriates left, the skill is still relevant. It is also needed as a requirement for employee who wants to get promoted, for example in order to get promoted as Superintendent, a candidate should have passed level 6.

This writing is an exercise for me to get used to English. Some mistakes could be made and occurred, but I think it’s a process. A process for better skill. More writings in English will appear in my blog as part of that process. So to you, reader, I beg for your help to correct any mistakes and give any suggestions. Thank you.

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